Screenshots Videos Features would seem to have the potential for a greater level of depth than we typically find in first-person shooters...

...Visually, Alpha Prime is appealing. It's quite Doom 3-like, with sharp shadows against a steely industrial environment. Stumble outside the mining facility proper and you'll find 100mph winds and dusty horizons stretching off into the distance...

...One of those features is the game's graphics engine which is pretty much on a par with Doom 3 and most recently Prey in terms of visuals...

...The visuals compare very favorably with other recent titles from the same genre...

The following are the main characters and enemies you will meet in the game (not all of them). Basically they fall into three groups: There are robots, autonomous AI units, with behavior that is more or less human. Then there are various devices with limited, specialized functions, you can hack into some of them and use them to your advantage. Then there are the humans, basically the prospectors and the hunters from the Corporation.


Basic working unit, manufactured to work in adverse conditions, supplanting human labor. They are not particularly intelligent nor particularly strong, as their primary mission lies in servicing (operating) the station and not in fighting.

Robots belong to the original mining base equipment. Unfortunately, their central circuitry has been irreversibly damaged by the presence of unusually high concentrations of hubbardium in the ore. As a result they became quite unstable and aggressive, with some eventually even arming themselves. They are not particularly strong but it’s always good to be on guard because they tend to roam around in groups and even utilize some basic elements of squad combat tactics.


These are private soldiers used by the Corporation to secure its interests. It basically means hunting down the illegal visitors, driving them from the Corporation’s property and, when no one’s looking, killing them. They are tough and sufficiently equipped to deal with any resistance, however resolute.

Look out; these tough corporate soldiers have many highly developed skills and deadly weapons. They come as either light or heavy infantry. Besides that, usually you will see them operating in supremely trained and coordinated squads lead by able commanders. It really pays to take these squad leaders out first.


Their primary mission is reconnaissance and feeding the info back to the troops. Don’t forget that the best you can do is to eliminate them quickly, before they spot you.


Mostly belonging to the pirate team that was scattered after the situation at the base went awry. Some of them might be quite hostile, then again other could be friendly, most of them, however exhibit signs of mental disturbance, or outright lunacy.

Your guide through Alpha Prime is the beautiful Livia. Not only is she cute, she’s got brains too. She can assist you via her transmitter to better navigate the dark corridors of Alpha Prime. And she is really good at hacking and can at times help by opening the way for you.
Your primary mission on Alpha Prime is to find your old friend Warren. But is he still alive? On your way you will come across other characters as well. They might help you. Or not...

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