Screenshots Videos Features would seem to have the potential for a greater level of depth than we typically find in first-person shooters...

...Visually, Alpha Prime is appealing. It's quite Doom 3-like, with sharp shadows against a steely industrial environment. Stumble outside the mining facility proper and you'll find 100mph winds and dusty horizons stretching off into the distance...

...One of those features is the game's graphics engine which is pretty much on a par with Doom 3 and most recently Prey in terms of visuals...

...The visuals compare very favorably with other recent titles from the same genre...

If you want to play, you need your instruments. Here they are, tried and true instruments of death and destruction.

There are many types of enemies you will meet on your journey in and around the Alpha Prime mining facility. When some of them die, they may leave behind various weapons that you can pick up and then use yourself. Because the bulk of your enemies are soldiers, you will naturally use mostly their military weapons. Never hesitate to use more than one weapon, as different weapons and tactics are effective against different enemy classes.


Not so much a weapon, but rather a tool that can be turned into a quite effective close combat weapon. But don't expect it to be useful very often.


Standard personal weapon in the equipment of every explorer worth his or her name. Quite useful against ordinary adversaries.


Powerful corridor sweeper. Despite its old design, at close range it packs an incredibly strong punch.


Six barrelled gun with a high rate of fire, used by the military as the basic infantry weapon. Its hail of bullets easily knocks down any opponent, the downside is that ammo runs out pretty quick and strong recoil makes long bursts quite inaccurate.


Quite the opposite of the previous one. This high-powered rifle fires single bullets that can penetrate armor and take out the enemy even at great distances. Itís best used for sniping.


Against hordes of charging enemies, nothing is better than this. It reloads slowly and in the narrow corridors can be very dangerous to its operator, but blows its targets away in powerful blasts of packed energy.


Truly bestial and devastating weapon, for use against fleshy and composite enemies alike. Flesh burning and armor melting, horrendous to watch.


While not as powerful as rockets, they remain handy companions on your dark road. Be careful, though, because they can bounce back at you.


Gain the upper hand on your enemies by collecting hubbardium derivate, poisonous to their minds, but it enables you to sharpen your senses. For a short time it's almost impossible to shoot you down.


Remote controller aka ReCon. An essential feature is the ability to hack into heavily armed robots, crate manipulators, surveillance cameras and security systems. Use their capabilities to your own advantage, bypassing enemies or destroying things blocking your path.

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Even though Alpha Prime seemed abandoned at first sight, you will soon realize that in fact it's not. Far from it. Often your life will hang by a thread, and you will be forced to fight for your very survival. Mortal danger lurks everywhere, and everyone is seemingly going after you. There is no other choice but to fight back.

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